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Go back to Start Now! The Water We Drink  Teeth Lungs Bones Brain Cartilage Bile Plasma Cells Blood Liver Lymph Muscle Saliva 10% 80% 13% 80% 55% 86% 90% 69% 91% 72% 94% 75% 95% Water plays many roles in our bodies. You cannot help but appreciate its importance. If we live in an environment …

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Go back to Start Now! Oxygen: The Air You Breathe The year was 1875; the place, Paris, France. For more than two years, three scientists had worked toward this day; and now they were ready. Carefully, they climbed into the gondola of the balloon, “Zenith,” while thousands around them watched. Determined to set a new …

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Go back to Start Now! Nature’s Remedial Agencies Remedial: Something that relieves pain, cures disease, or corrects a disorder Something that corrects an evil, a fault or an error To set right, remove, rectify or counteract To relieve or cure a disease or disorder Proper Diet or Remedial Diet: It’s a true saying “we are …

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Go back to Start Now! “Come ye yourselves apart… and rest a while;” — Jesus “Irregular hours for eating sap the brain forces.”1 “I know from the testimonies given me from time to time, that sleep is worth far more before than after midnight. Two hours of good sleep before twelve o’clock, is worth more …

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Sunlight (93 Million Miles Away)

Go back to Start Now! “In 1877, two researchers, Downes and Blunt, discovered that sunlight can destroy harmful bacteria. Today it is used to treat bacterial infections. Sunlight on the body dramatically lowers high blood pressure, decreases blood cholesterol, lowers excessively high blood sugars, and increases white blood cells!”1 “Most of the Media’s attention has …

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