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There are close to 400,000 species of plants on the earth, and more are being discovered daily! Approximately 50% of the drugs that are prescribed today come from a plant source or are man made imitations of plant compounds.

Herbs have been a part of helping people for over 3000 years! In ancient times people used herbs because there was no other choice…there were no prescription medicines. Today research continues to prove that herbs from nature’s pharmacy do have a place in helping people stay healthy. From cardiovascular concerns…to digestive problems…to joint stiffness and mental sharpness…there are herbs that can make a difference in the quality of your life.

Nature’s Wonderland Herbs come whole, cut, powder, extracts, oils and formulas. If you do not find the herb you are looking for, please inquire. If it is not listed we can probably obtain it in a few days! Our herbs are only the highest quality wild-crafted or organic and obtained from reliable and superior suppliers from around the world. The natural oils contain no added water, alcohol or extenders and are packed in light restrictive cobalt blue glass bottles that include a unique “dropper top” for ease of use.

From Linda Bates B.A., Dip. Herb. Med., Nutrition

I have been removing the ethanol alcohol from patient’s mixes for 20 years to avoid possible physical damage – to children and adults. I personally cannot tolerate ethanol alcohol, it makes me nauseous. This is what drove me to provide this service. I also consider the dangers of herbs being blamed for reactions to herbal tinctures when actually it may be a reaction to the ethanol alcohol. Herbal Extract Company have tested the results of this in their laboratory – testing the mixes each week for over a year. The mixes are alcohol free and will last without refrigeration for a year. I do not take this risk with my clients. I never give them mixes for treatment for longer than 3 months and I ask them to keep them in the fridge.

Instructions to remove ethanol alcohol from herbal mixtures.

  1. Place your Herbal Mix in a pyrex glass measuring jug DO NOT USE METAL.
  2. Place pyrex JUG in saucepan of COLD water. Bring water to the boil.
  3. DO NOT LEAVE THE STOVE TILL WATER IS BOILING. Turn heat off immediately.
  4. Remove saucepan from heat immediately. Leave JUG (with herbs in it) in the hot water (no heat underneath it) for a few hours with no lid on. The ethanol alcohol will slowly evaporate.
  5. If your herb mix is 550mls (largest size) you may have to repeat process one more time until mixture is reduced by approx. one third – leaving container open to the air for as long as 24 hours – until evaporation is finished. Herbs will leave a mark on the inside of the jar which shows original level before evaporation.
  6. Return mix to medicine bottle. Take some extra good quality honey and dissolve it in hot spring water. Add this to herb mix to fill the medicine bottle back up. This makes a herbal syrup – tastes better and is better for your health.
  7. Use same dose instructions as on the label and keep in the fridge.

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