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Creeping Compromise


Doug Batchelor, President & Speaker, Amazing Facts:
“With his unique, straight-forward style, Brother Crews addresses some of the most sensitive and controversial issues in a bold uncompromising approach. This classic work made its mark 25 years ago and has been stirring Laodicean Christians ever since.”

Pat Langley, Prayer Coordinator, Northeastern Conference of SDA Family Life:
“I would unhesitatingly recommend the book, Creeping Compromise. Reading this book has changed my life, it will yours too.”

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“It was a hot summer day under a large canvas tent at a camp meeting in the state of Maryland. We were newly baptized Christians who, on that day, found ourselves seated on the platform under that tent where we had been invited to give our testimony and special music. Seated beside us on the rostrum was the principle speaker for the camp meeting. And speak he did!

In a tactful and gracious way, he presented cutting truths entreating the listener to come up to a higher Christian standard, mentally, physically and spiritually. He spoke as one sincerely concerned about the eternal salvation of each one within his hearing. This was our first introduction to Joe Crews.

There was so few strong men today who not only see the evils and abominations of the time, but can present them fearlessly, tactfully and lovingly to God’s people. As the opportunity was given to us to publish our own book, Thy Nakedness, Lord What Shall I Wear?, we wanted someone to review it and write their comments for the back cover. Joe Crews graciously accepted!

Over the years he has been an inspiration and encouragement to our ministry. He pastored, taught and personally evangelized by television, radio, the writing of books and the Amazing Facts Study Guides (1-14), always giving very pertinent information to the last days in which we live. The various facets of his ministry have been instrumental in introducing thousands to Jesus Christ.

By no stretch of imagination, while sitting under that camp meeting tent, could we have ever dreamed that years later we would be afforded the privilege of having a small part in continuing the Joe Crews legacy by being the publishers of one of his first and most important books, Creeping Compromise.

The principles and good “common sense” presented in Creeping Compromise have strengthened and encouraged us to stay on track as we have read and re-read the godly counsel on its pages. We pray that you, the reader, will have the same experience.”

Homeward Publishing Ministries
The late Rick Shorter and Gwen Shorter, Director

Chapters include:

  • Our Enemy—the world
  • Is Nudity Modest?
  • Double Standard Exposed
  • Unisex
  • Colorful Cosmetics and Jewelry
  • Television Trap
  • Lawfully Joined
  • Music and Moods
  • Meat or Unmeat
  • Potlucks and Principles
  • Destroying your Witness
  • Legalism or Love
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