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Thy Nakedness: Lord, What Shall I Wear?


“After spending so many years in the wasteful cause of worldly entertainment, the Shorters are the perfect team to prepare this exhaustive study on the subject of dress reform. By doing so, though, they expose themselves to the usual attacks of liberal critics who delight in labeling all reformation work as ‘legalistic’ and ‘fanatical. It is for this reason that so few, even among those who hold convictions about modest dress, are willing to put their feelings into print.

Rick and Gwen have proven beyond question in their massive compilation that Ellen G. White did indeed believe that ‘obedience to fashion is doing more than any other power to separate our people from God.’ 4T, 647. If her statement was true a century ago, no one can doubt the urgent need for Seventh-day Adventists to re-study the inspired principles which she poured on to so many pages of her testimonies to the church.”
Joe Crews, founder of Amazing Facts

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What Readers are Saying about “Thy Nakedness.”

“In regard to your book, “The Nakedness: Lord, What Shall I Wear?” I personally have found the book very insightful and spiritual in its content. I have given or sold more than 100 copies of this book. People have been blessed, and lives have been changed. May God continue to be with you.”
Pastor James Clark
Greater New York Conference
“Dressing for optimal health is being neglected by almost everyone, even those who are desiring to improve or maintain their health. Many of the patients I see are suffering from a variety of diseases caused by long term habits of improper dressing. This book, ‘The Nakedness,’ comes like a breath of fresh air in a stuffy room, providing the encouragements you need to ‘dress for success,’ both in this world and for the next.”
Dr. Phillip J. Collins
Marshall, North Carolina
“A friend gave me the book, ‘The Nakedness.’ It sat on my shelf for two years. I was afraid of the changes I might have to make in my life. Finally I was ready to read the book. I found the rewards of obedience more blessed than I ever expected. It has affected every area of my life giving me peace of mind, and the power to live a consistent Christian life.”
Marla J. King
Heir to Eden Music Ministry
“Thank you for writing such a wonderful book on such a delicate yet important subject. The illustrations were excellent. I’m sure you were inspired to write this for the times we are living. Everyone should not only read this book, but also put into operation the truths presented.”
Harold M. Cherne, M.D.
“This book means so much to me, because it helped me understand the inspired counsel on what God would have us wear. I am so grateful I was able to connect with Gwen in a personal way, and I have appreciated her friendship very much. Together we put up the website: MovingTowardModesty.com and RemnantRaiment.com.”
Linda Kirk
“When I drew the illustrations for ‘The Nakedness,’ I wore jeans and T-shirts. But, the Lord had other plans. Years later these illustrations came back to mind. It was then, after much study, that I understood the issue of dressing healthfully and modestly. This book has since been a source of inspiration and a valuable guide to help me and my wardrobe reflect more of Jesus than self. My thanks to Rick and Gwen Shorter for publishing this book.”
Daniel D. Giuliomaria

Gwen Shorter,
Formerly, a model in one of the top black modeling agencies in New York City, professional actress and R and B recording artist.
Now, Christian recording artist, health educator, author and publisher

Rick Shorter,
Formerly, a show biz personality, manager, writer and producer of rock groups.
Now, Christian music composer, producer, recording artist, health educator, author and publisher.

In Thy Nakedness: Lord, What Shall I Wear?, they bring together their research, resulting in over 40 years of seminars on this controversial subject. The subject of dress and what a Christian should wear is dealt with very candidly and tactfully.

  • Does dress have anything to do with my spirituality?
  • How naked is naked?
  • How long should my dress be?
  • What does good health have to do with my dress?
  • What’s wrong with uni-sex, androgyny and cross-dressing?
  • Who are the fanatics and extremists?
  • Does God require covering my head while praying?

Answers to these questions and much more…!

Also including:

  • The history of dress
  • The dress of children and men.
  • Righteousness by dress reform?
  • And Gwen’s story from a NY City model to a follower of Jesus Christ
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