"Do not have too great a variety at a meal; three or four dishes are a plenty...So many varieties are introduced into the stomach that fermentation is the result. This condition brings on acute disease, and death frequently follows." CDF 82 (The complete original book)

  • “Shorter’s sample dishes, unbelievably delicious”
  • “Shorter’s cooking classes – PAR EXCELLENT!”
  • “Learned a lot of preventative measures from the Shorters”
  • “Cooking Class was my favorite segment of the weekend” (Northeastern Conference Annual Family-Life Retreat)
  • “Thank you for all the valuable information you brought to us here in …”
  • “All the knowledge and information you shared with us at … has helped to enrich me and my family.”
  • “Foods that used to tempt me before, I have absolutely no desire for now that I understand what I am actually putting into my body. I feel great!”
  • “I just wanted to thank you again and tell you to keep up the good work! May God bless you and continue to give you the strength and desire to keep teaching.”
  • “Some students in your class threw out food products not good for them. Ditto for me. Even chocolate chip cookies. Would you believe that?”
  • “My mother and I want to make your delicious recipe for cheese!”
  • “Please bring them to our local churches.” (referring to the Shorters)
  • “Could you please come and put on classes in my church? I also wanted to know how to purchase your books.” (health manuals) London, England
  • “I enjoyed your cooking class very much. It has changed my life.”
  • “I enjoyed every moment of it! It’s the best health food cooking class I have been to.”
  • “The class was superb. The best I have attended. May God continue to bless, keep and guide you as you make Him known through the Health Message.”
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Shorter's Cooking Classes at the "Los Angeles Convention Center Home Show"
Los Angeles, California