Medical Missionary Mentorship Program Requirements

1. Required: (MMMP textbook; Final Call)

  • Please read first: What is the Medical Missionary Work?
  • Please read Final Call for Medical Missionaries & City Missions Worldwide. This book is included in every Medical Missionary Kit. Final Call has ten (10) short chapters of 3-4.5 pages (total 88 pages) and one quiz of eight (8) questions at the end of each chapter. Each quiz at the end of the ten chapters must be answered correctly.
  • Please mail the copied test answers only to Homeward Publishing Ministries, P.O. Box 1200, Priest River, ID 83856 with a $5.00 donation for shipping and handling if you would like a certificate mailed. Or you may scan and email the the ten (10) quizzes with answer sheets page to: Note: Your certificate may be emailed as well with no charge.
  • Include your name legibly and your coworker’s name, address, phone number, and email address. For additional information that must be mailed or emailed, see 4. Required: (A Project). Outside of the United States please email us with shipping cost to your area.

2. Required: (Two by Two)

  • Pray about and choose a mentor, student, friend, coworker, associate, brother, sister, your spouse, or even a son or daughter. This is the power of two—for support, accountability, consultation and prayer! Consider the talents, finances, and location for projects.

    “After these things the Lord appointed other seventy also, and sent them two and two before his face into every city and place, whither he himself would come.” Luke 10:1

  • “And he called unto him the twelve, and began to send them forth by two and two; and gave them power over unclean spirits;” Mark 6:7

    “One witness shall not rise up against a man for any iniquity, or for any sin, in any sin that he sinneth: at the mouth of two witnesses, or at the mouth of three witnesses, shall the matter be established.” Deuteronomy 19:15

    “Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour.” Ecclesiastes 4:9

    “Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” Matthew 18:19, 20

    “It is also written in your law, that the testimony of two men is true.” John 8:17

    “This is the third time I am coming to you. In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established.”
    II Corinthians 13:1

    “And while they looked stedfastly toward heaven as he went up, behold, two men stood by them in white apparel; Which also said, Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into heaven? this same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven.” Acts 1:10, 11

  • “Let the missionaries be laboring two and two in different parts of all our large cities. The workers in each city should frequently meet together for counsel and prayer, that they may have wisdom and grace to work together effectively and harmoniously. Let all be wide—awake to make the most of every advantage.” Medical Ministry p. 300

    “The workers should go forth two by two, that they may pray and consult together. Never should they be sent out alone. The Lord Jesus forth His disciples two and two into all the cities of Israel.” Medical Ministry p. 249


  1. For accountability always go two by two.
  2. This is a lifetime commitment whether it is full-time or part-time.
  3. “God’s purpose in committing to men and women the mission that He committed to Christ is to disentangle His followers from all worldly connivings and policy, and to give them a work identical with the work that Christ did, that they might continually be Christ’s representatives in character.” Manuscript Releases, Vol 18. p. 109
  4. “In the medical missionary work to be done, women should give treatment to women. When women who are sick are treated and cared for by women, a door through which Satan tries to enter is closed against him. Many cases have been presented to me where Satan has entered through this door to ruin families. Let him not obtain any advantage upon any point.” Medical Ministry p. 140
  5. “To those who engage in the Medical missionary work, the temptation will come to exalt themselves, to put on an appearance for the sake of effect. Cut away everything of this character from your work.” Medical Ministry p. 161
  6. “There are so many forward misses and bold, forward women who have a faculty of insinuating themselves into notice, putting themselves in the company of young men, courting the attentions, inviting flirtations from married or unmarried men, that unless your face is set Christward, firm as steel, you will be drawn into Satan’s net.” Medical Ministry p. 145
  7. “Those who, from whatever cause, are obliged to work on the Sabbath, are always in peril; they feel the loss, and from doing works of necessity, they fall into the habit of doing things on the Sabbath that are not necessary. The sense of its sacredness is lost, and the holy commandment is of no effect. A special effort should be made to bring about a reform in regard to Sabbath observance.” Medical Ministry p. 215

3. Required: (Purchase A Medical Missionary Kit)

Based on your knowledge, experience, time, zeal and goals, choose a Medical Missionary Kit that best fits your needs. One or two books of the same price may be exchanged for those books listed in the Medical Missionary kits. To these books are added your Bible and other recommended books such as Medical Ministry, Counsels on Health, Counsels on Diets and Foods, and Ministry of Healing, by E.G. White. The last two may be purchased on our website or may be in the kit you choose.

Note: This means one (1) Medical Missionary Kit per person. These books may be studied, read cover to cover or used as reference books, depending on your knowledge, experience and skills for the subject you are undertaking.

“We must educate, educate, educate, pleasantly and intelligently. We must preach the truth, pray the truth, and live the truth, bringing it with its gracious, health giving influences within the reach of those who know it not.” Medical Ministry p. 262

“The truths we hold in common should be dwelt upon first and confidence of the hearers obtained; then as people can be brought along, we can advance slowly with the matter presented. Agree with the people upon every point where you can consistently do so.” Evangelism p. 140

4. Required: (A Project)

Write out in one paragraph an explanation of the kind of project, your goals and expected time to begin. Then you are on your honor—you and the Lord!

This is a project of your choice. For ideas see “The Work on the Home Page, or pray and let the Lord lead. Choose a date to begin and a coworker. Describe your project in only one (1) paragraph, and mail with your quiz answers and $5.00 for certificate to Homeward Publishing Ministries, P.O. Box 1200, Priest River, ID 83856 or email

“Remember you are under the supervision of Jesus Himself in this sacred work. Whatever work we do, we are to do it for Christ.” Medical Ministry p. 133

“It is impossible to give any idea of the experience of the people of God who shall be alive upon the earth when celestial glory and a repetition of the persecutions of the past are blended. They will walk in the light proceeding from the throne of God. By means of the angels there will be constant communication between heaven and earth.” 9T 16


Optional: Final Call for Medical Missionaries Conference Call — Second Sunday of every month starting September 9, 2018 from 10 – 11 AM PST. See Schedule for Speakers and Subjects.

Optional: Medical Missionary Emergency Bags – See store for colors, contents, & special price.

Optional: Medical Missionary Videos under Free Resources.

Optional: Medical Missionary Audios under Free Resources.

Optional: Medical Missionary Articles under Free Resources.

Optional: Medical Missionary Compress Bundle for Hydrotherapy and Medical Missionary Castor Oil Packs.

Optional: Purchase by the case Final Call for Medical Missionaries & City Missions Worldwide and distribute to Pastors, Physicians, Teachers & Laymen everywhere to encourage them to get involved in the Medical Missionary work.

Optional: Write a testimonial about your experiences with the Medical Missionary Mentorship Program, miracles, blessings, etc… to be posted anonymously under Medical Missionary Mentorship Program Testimonials.

Optional: Attend Medical Missionary Retreat in the Northwest USA. (To be announced)

*All Bible scripture references are taken from the King James Version.