What is The Medical Missionary Mentorship Program?

Answer: To put it simply and succinctly it is a crash course for medical missionaries, using the books on this website, Homeward Publishing Ministries.

First: In order to understand the Medical Missionary Mentorship Program, please read first; What is the Medical Missionary Work?

  • See Medical Missionary Kits under Store for the list of books, and choose the Kit that best suits your needs. If you have a question, please call 1-800-823-0481 for a free consultation. This is only for Certification for The Medical Missionary Mentorship Program.

The books may be read, studied or used as reference books depending on your need and experience, with the exception of one book, Final Call for Medical Missionaries & City Missions Worldwide. Each of the ten short chapters consist of 3 to 4.5 pages with a short quiz of 8 questions after each chapter. If you are interested in a certificate, all ten chapters must be read and quizzes completed and scanned, then emailed to homewardpublishingministries@gmail.com or copied in the book and mailed to Homeward Publishing Ministries, P.O. Box 1200, Priest River, ID 83856.

  • For all requirements for the certificate, please see Requirements.
  • For all information regarding the Medical Missionary Mentorship Program Certificate, see Certificate (Sample).
  • Medical Missionary Kits may be purchased without participation in the Medical Missionary Mentorship Program.