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Miracle Salve (PAV): Pruitt's Tree Resin Products

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“Miracle” Ointment or salve is the worldwide unanimous label given to this unique product made from tree-resin, olive oil and petrolatum. Its track record stretches from the humid tropics of Florida and So. America to the polar regions of the North Pole. Its manifold usefulness had found its way into doctor’s offices, dermatologists, veterinarians and other health professionals as the last word when it comes to stubborn cases of nail fungus, acne, psoriasis, hemorrhoids, incurable athlete’s foot, gangrene, localized blood poisoning, black widow and recluse spider bites, honey-bee, yellow jacket and hornet stings, the itch and poison of mosquito bites, flea and tick bites, the W.C. Fields disease, rosacea, scar tissue, rashes of all kinds, infections of all kinds, including the ears, scalp, genital areas and even gum infections and toothaches. 

What makes this natural drugless, safe and easy to use product so effective, with no limit to how often it can be applied? It’s the Tree-Resin. Doctors and skin specialists have discovered to their amazement that the Tree-Resin used in PAV is anti-bacterial, anti fungal and anti-viral. This three-fold anti-disease action, plus the healing and pain relieving characteristics of the Resin, has resulted in a remarkable track record and a renewed interest among health professionals in an Indian remedy that is natural, harmless and effective.

About the only body area to be avoided with the use of PAV, is the eyes. It would not harm the eyes, but it would produce a slight burning effect. Bed sores, diaper areas and burns are very tender conditions, and to make this product easier to apply, the product should be near body temperature. The testimonials following the trial of this products use are unlimited. 

HOT WEATHER WARNING: Direct sunshine or summertime heat in transport, may melt this product. Cool before opening jar, to prevent spilling—if melted.


Dear Friend, 

I wish to tell you of an experience with your PAV. I had purchased some for my husband to use on his bald head for Keratosis that he was bothered with.
A few days later my brother brought one of our cousins to me asking if I had anything that would help him. I was shocked at what he related to me, and to see his condition. 

He told me he went to a dermatologist with a bit of redness on one of his fingers around the nail, and it just wouldn’t seem to go away. The doctor said it was a fungus and prescribed some antibiotics. When he took these, in just 3 days the skin started to come off his hands. Well, the longer he took it, the worse he got!! All the skin came off his hands, plus all his fingernails!! All the skin came off his feet too!! He had been off work 3 months, he couldn’t feed himself or dress himself, he was in so much pain. 

I gave him some of my PAV, as his feet were raw and bleeding in spots. His wife called me 2 days later and said she put the PAV on him that night. She said it gave him instant relief!! Two weeks later I called her and she said he was going back to work, he is a truck driver. 

P.S. I’ll have to let you know if the PAV keeps the Keratosis away, but as for now, his head is all cleared up. This is the first time it has been cleared up in 17 years of being bothered with it. 

I remain respectfully yours,
Grace – Knox, IN

Mr. Smith,

In December my wife developed a severe infection on a toe on her right foot from wearing high-heeled shoes. Her doctor treated it but it got worse. The second trip to the doctor two weeks later resulted in more treatment, medication and instructions to soak it daily. Two weeks later, showing absolutely no improvement, she made another appointment. About that time your PAV arrived. 48 hours later, after applying the PAV to her toe, she kept her doctors appointment. Both she and her doctor were amazed, the toe was nearly healed. Within 72 hours of first applying PAV the infection was completely gone! We will never be without your product again. Thank you so much!
Warren S.

Dear Company,

Please send me a 2 oz. jar of PAV. I have had lots of success with this product. It helped heal a Brown Recluse spider bite, plus allayed poison ivy or oak three times. Peace be with you.  

Betty Jane, Texas

Dear Friends at Company,

We used PAV on denture sores of my mother-in-law after she used the over-the counter medicine. One use of PAV on her gums and in a couple of hours she could put her dentures back in. She thanks you and we are ordering more.
Donna S, Ohio

You can order PAV by calling 1-800-823-0481 (For all skin problems, fungus and bites, etc.)

From Shorter’s Health Manual, pp. 202, 203

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