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Pants: The Truth About Women’s Wardrobe


The Publisher’s Review

It is rare that a Christian man will speak candidly to his Christian sisters, with love and concern for their salvation and about their love of fashion and worldly dress. Brother Andrews has done his research well. The depth of his razor-sharp insight and historical analysis will challenge his opposers to “a blanket of silence.” I recommend this book with the highest priority to every girl and woman who professes the Lord Jesus Christ. Finally, there is clarity from a Brother!!!

Gwen Shorter

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1. What is and what is NOT modesty?
2. What does it mean to “let not the dress question fill the mind?”
3. What do men think about women in pants?
4. How does dress relate to the 3rd Angel’s Message?
5. Are pants women’s or men’s clothing?
6. How is dress related to conversion and salvation?
7. Does our dress affect our health and intelligence?
8. How is the “shaking” in God’s church related to what we wear?
9. Can dress be a form of idolatry?
10. Are God’s people called to take up their cross and follow Jesus, even in dress? (Not just the Sabbath)

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